My teaching experience is mostly centered on computers science foundations, data science and educational technology. I have experience in undergraduate, graduate and online courses across different institutions. I also facilitate frequently seminars, tutorials and workshops on specific technical and research topics. Here are some examples:

Currrent Teaching

  • Present 2021

    Programming Foundations (University of Murcia)

    In this course we teach the foundations of programming using Processing environment.

  • Present 2019

    Foundations to Open Education and OERs repositories (UNED Abierta)

    In this course we teach the foundations of open education and open educational resources, their applications and open education science. Available in UNED Abierta MOOC platform.

Teaching History

  • 2021 2019

    Education Technology Studio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

    In this course we teach design foundations for technology applied in education. The 2019 materials are Available in this MIT OpenCourseware site

  • 2021 2019

    Object Oriented Programming (University of Murcia)

    We teach the foundations of Object Oriented Programminig using Java

  • 2021 2019

    Research and Quantitative Analysis II (University of Murcia)

    This course includes both a methodological part teaching foundations of quantitative analysis and a project-based learning part using R.